Devouring Chest

The Devouring Chest was created as a tiny pocket dimension that held a bevy of Gods inside, meant as an assassination attempt against the Wizard King. The Wizard King saw through the attempt, and sealed the Chest with the Gods inside. The War inside the Chest saw Narcissus– the God of Vanity– kill all the others, and he decided that he was The One True God. He had thirteen ages to think that while all alone in his own little world.

In the 13th Age, The Elf Queen sent her shop The Oriole and a team of her personal guards– led by Edwain– to investigate The Black’s ship The Midnight, which was digging on Omen. The agents of The Black had found the Chest, and when they opened it it wrecked their ship. When Edwain and his team found it, their ship met a similar fate. Edwain, after dying, washed ashore very much alive, calling himself Vessel and having no recollection of his final days, and now with the voice of The One True God in his ears.

The Chest made its way north into the Fangs, and was eventually found by some sahuagin, who worshiped the terror and light that the chest contained. When the Golden Order stole the chest from them it found its way into Forge, and from there travelled south, eventually making it to Santa Cora, where it boarded The Resolute to sail back to Forge, to be used as a weapon against the orcs. But the Resolute was sunk, bringing Vessel back to Omen, where he gave his will to Narcissus, only to be struck down by Purge.

The chest itself was lost, and will probably wash ashore again…

Devouring Chest

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