Tag: Order of the Closed Fist


  • Leandra

    * Left the [[Order of the Closed Fist]] on penalty of death * Was looking for [[:coroth]], found her * Went with [[:coroth]] to [[Forge]] * Later joined and led a group of the Queen's Guard in [[:vessel]]'s old position First Appearance: [[s1e1]]

  • Emon

    Full name: Emon Harahur First appearance: [[s1e2]] In flashbacks, trained [[:arroway]]. Told her [[s1e2|that in the real world she could not just get back up again]], and that [[s1e4|she must remain focused]] on [[The Emperor]] and not let [[The …

  • Kel Rimik

    New Master of the Order of the Closed Fist since [[:arroway]] left and did not return. "Views her":https://thirteenth-age.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/season-2-episode-1-the-court-of-stars as somewhat of a disruptive force now. Knows of her "dual …

  • Matija

    "Co-founder":https://thirteenth-age.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/shadows-and-fire of the [[Order of the Closed Fist]]. He was killed in the Order's early days, but it is unclear who did the deed: [[:arroway]] believes that [[:kel]] did it, while …