Tag: Nameless


  • Season 1, Episode 7:

    !(right)http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/bc/97/88/bc978863877d65954ccc911a99fa328b.jpg! h2(scene). Int, Night bq. We open on a dimly lit room. Outside the window the rain continues, lightning and thunder punctuating the silence. The door opens …

  • Engo

    On of [[The Crusader]]'s men. Fought alongside [[:nameless]] when she was with the [[Golden Order]]. Knows [[:arroway]] by sight, but it is unclear why. Lost his fellows Terris and Duen to the orcs who had opened the Hellhole in [[s1e2]]. Would have …

  • Ser Lorwick

    Led the charge when [[:nameless]] was with them. First appearance: [[s1e2]] [[s1e4|Met]] [[:nameless]] in [[Santa Cora]]; was promised an answer to his question the next time they met.

  • Kyler Turad

    First appearance: [[s1e3]] A member of [[:lorwick]]'s branch of the [[Golden Order]]. Almost killed retrieving [[:devouring-chest]], her took it back with him after the party stopped its rampage.