Tag: Arroway


  • Bloodstone Goblet

    First appearance: [[s1e4]] An item sacred to the followers of [[Klirsh]]. Stolen by [[:arroway]] under orders of [[The Prince of Shadows]], it was returned to its rightful owners under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

  • Leandra

    * Left the [[Order of the Closed Fist]] on penalty of death * Was looking for [[:coroth]], found her * Went with [[:coroth]] to [[Forge]] * Later joined and led a group of the Queen's Guard in [[:vessel]]'s old position First Appearance: [[s1e1]]

  • Emon

    Full name: Emon Harahur First appearance: [[s1e2]] In flashbacks, trained [[:arroway]]. Told her [[s1e2|that in the real world she could not just get back up again]], and that [[s1e4|she must remain focused]] on [[The Emperor]] and not let [[The …

  • Engo

    On of [[The Crusader]]'s men. Fought alongside [[:nameless]] when she was with the [[Golden Order]]. Knows [[:arroway]] by sight, but it is unclear why. Lost his fellows Terris and Duen to the orcs who had opened the Hellhole in [[s1e2]]. Would have …

  • Dral

    First appearance: [[s1e4]]. "Dral the Brideslayer" [[s1e4|fought]] [[:tork]] and was left for dead under an avalanche, but was later discovered to still be alive, [[s1e4|traveling]] to [[Santa Cora]] as "Dral the Pilgrim" in an attempt to erect a …

  • Whever Taseny

    First appearance: [[s1e6]] A fence who operates out of [[Horizon]]. Has some ties to [[The Prince of Shadows]]. Has worked with [[:arroway]] on previous occasions. Very cautious.