High Elf Cleric


Vessel is a High Elf and a faithful follower of The One True God. Though not much has been revealed about this up and comer among the gods, we know that Vessel seems convinced that he’s really the only player in the faith market. And we also know that he seems to have given Vessel the power to back that idea up. Miracles seem to follow Vessel around where ever he goes.

Not much is known about Vessel’s past. He washed up on the shore of Santa Cora with no memory of his past. Vessel has been told that he used to be a member of The Elf Queen’s Royal Guard named Edwain. Vessel put that behind him when he was taken in by The Priestess. It was under her care that the One True God found him, and from that point forward his forgotten past seemed far less important than his service filled future.

One Unique Thing

He is the 13th Age equivalent of Moses, and can outdo the signs of other Gods in service of The One True God, who only speaks to him.


  • Before awakening on the beach, his name was Edwain.


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