Orc warlord turned pilgrim


First appearance: s1e4.

“Dral the Brideslayer” fought Törk and was left for dead under an avalanche, but was later discovered to still be alive, traveling to Santa Cora as “Dral the Pilgrim” in an attempt to erect a shrine to Klirsh inside The Cathedral. Against the advice of Törk but with the aid of Vessel, he obtained room on the 84th Floor and began work on his shrine, but not before Arroway stole the Bloodstone Goblet from him. The goblet was later discovered to be in the 84th Floor room where he was to build.

Some time later, Törk began visiting the shrine in The Cathedral often to talk with Dral.

  • Missing his right arm
  • Has an opal that can magnify his voice
  • Was to be Törk’s brother-in-law, but killed his sister in a bloodrage
  • Somehow knows who Vessel was to be
  • “Not who he used to be”


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