We start in darkness

…but you hear the sound of a crowd having a rather raucous good time. There is a band playing and someone singing, but it joins the din rather than rising above it.

The lights come up and we see a wooden sign, upon which is gold lettering, sparkling with a minor charm that all the first year magicians learn in Enchantments. “The Dragon and the Duck”, it says, and there is a rather poor picture of both creatures, ales in hand.

We pan down and see the door to the establishment just as a rather drunk Half Orc stumbles out, giggling slightly to himself. We follow a hooded figure through the door, where we see Arroway and Vessel sitting at a table laughing at the act on stage. Törk approaches, a pair of flagons in each hand, and as he slides the drinks across the table the view spins, and we see that our hooded figure is Nameless, who unfurls a map as she slaps it down, and we zoom in and see the Dragon Empire fill our view.

Words fade in, white against the map: Adventures in the 13th Age.

Adventures in the 13th Age

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