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Season 3


Season 3, Episode 4

While searching for a missing PROUD scout, the party finds that something terrible has happened in Copperhold.

The Refashioning

Season 3, Episode 3

Who will fill the hole left when the One True God disappears?

In Vain

Season 3, Episode 2

The search for Törk leads everyone into a divine crucible.


Season 3, Episode 1

The rescued cargo of the Resolute means a change in course, and a series of revelations.

Season 2

The Resolute

Season 2, Episode 10

Out at sea on the trail of The Resolute, an omen from The Priestess appears… or is it a warning?

Skeleton Crew

Season 2, Episode 9

Purge knows deep in his bones that the missing sailing ship is important, but he doesn’t know why… or how to investigate its disappearance.

Here Be Dragons

Season 2, Episode 8

Nameless is in some trouble, and she turns to her friends for aid. But like her mistress, Nameless never tells anyone the whole truth…


Season 2, Episode 7

Grimnir has finally found a fight worth fighting… but are the others going to make it out alive?

Entrances and Exits

Season 2, Episode 6

Responding to a call from The Priestess, Vessel leads the heroes back to The Cathedral, where Arroway’s murky past puts her loyalties in doubt.

Shadows and Fire

Season 2, Episode 5

At a celebration hosted by the Order of the Closed Fist, a secret from the Order’s founding reverberates in the present.

Things Fall Apart

Season 2, Episode 4

During a jailbreak and a rescue, the party learns that the powers behind The Fallen are not who they seem to be.

How the Mighty Have Fallen

Season 2, Episode 3

Törk stands trial for a treason he did not commit.

The PROUD and the Fallen

Season 2, Episode 2

While hunting down dwarven separatists, suspicion falls on Törk’s oldest friend.

The Court of Stars

Season 2, Episode 1

The party regroups and answers a summons from a mysterious someone..

Season 1

Blood, Banners, and Stars

Season 1, Episode 8

While continuing the search for the Blue’s Letter, the heroes find themselves in a countryside erupting in an Ages-old battle between the Dragons. Vessel’s past life haunts him as his former duties call upon him anew.

Gala Interruptus

Season 1, Episode 7

At the gala, many plans come to fruition all at once.

The Emerald Pendant

Season 1, Episode 6

Arroway is called in for a job that’s too big to do alone, and she enlists the others to help. Is it too big for them, too?.


Season 1, Episode 5

While exploring a living dungeon, the party recalls how they met.


Season 1, Episode 4

A group of orc pilgrims arrive in Santa Cora wishing to build a shrine in The Cathedral. Vessel wishes to help them, but Törk knows the leader and isn’t so keen. Nameless’s suspicions of Arroway come to a head as she weighs questions about her future.

The Devouring Chest

Season 1, Episode 3

The party staggers back into Törk’s home after rescuing a company of the Golden Order and the magic chest they sought. Nameless might not agree as to whom should keep the chest.


Season 1, Episode 2

A hellhole is threatening a town on the northern borders… and The Crusader’s men are already on their way. Vessel struggles with his faith while Arroway struggles with her past.


Season 1, Episode 1

The party must find the lost niece of The Dwarf King and return her safely home. But Nameless thinks that Arroway might be up to something more.

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This is a 13th Age campaign, GM’d with a heavy dose of Dungeon World’s sandboxed-everything approach, and using a good bit of flavor and style from Prime Time Adventures

We heavily play up the “TV show” schtick: we have a title sequence, we describe camera movements, we give out Fan Mail when people do awesome things, we talk a lot about keeping the audience’s attention and empathy, and we end each night’s episode with a “Next Time” teaser of what’s coming up. There’s a whole post on how we arrived at this system.

It’s a whole lot of fun!

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